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Gordon Frost SR has been a lifelong resident of the quaint community

of Rings Island in Salisbury, Massachusetts. As a Man of many Trades,

he has always used his talents to their fullest potential. He has completely restored an

antique hand tub (The Red Wing) that had been mostly destroyed in a fire at the Peobody

museum in Salem MA. As a retired Salisbury fire captain he began buying and

selling antiques. He also began experimenting with one of his trades, welding. Starting

small at first with metal rods and old rusty hand tools, he bagan making his creations.

From a stick man made from railroad spikes to small garden sculpures his talents were

quickly recognized. His art was often selling faster than it could be made. His art has now

become as vast as his clientel. From a Lifesize skeleton made from wrenches now in NY, to

a Russian Spire that can be found somewhere in...well Russia. Many of his creations

can be found throughout the country and some permanently stationed nearby, like the fireman

statue errected outside the fire station in Amesbury, MA. Most of his art is done

in the moment, but he can use his talents to ceate something with your inspiration.

His work can be seen on the gallery page or if you would like see some in person take a drive by his

home on Rings Island in Salisbury, Ma. where there is often something of interest on the front lawn.


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